Tides for fishing

Tides and solunar charts for fishing

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Successful Bass fishing  comes down to equipment, timing, structure and bait.
Basic equipment for Bass fishing includes a surf rod and reel a sand spike, appropriate tackle, appropriate line, and appropriate clothing. A typical surf rod is 8–12 feet long, and after casting, is held vertical in a sand spike. Typical line is 10-20 pound test monofilament line. Terminal tackle includes a large array of devices, each a variation of the same theme: the thing at the end of your line with the hook on it. Baits, lures, plugs, poppers, and artificials all have their place in fishing for bass. Each has their advantage, depending on conditions and fish activity.
Now that we have the information about bass. How would you like to catch this Bass!

Come Nova Scotia and try your luck