Tides for fishing

Tides and solunar charts for fishing

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tides for fishing in Minas Basin

Fishing season starts soon, I thought I would post a link to the tide
tables and solunar tables for the sport fishers in the Minas Basin area.We all like to know where the tide is when we go bass fishing
Find out the forecast for high tides and low tides before setting out to fish, and other fishing-related data such as the lunar phase, tidal coefficient, sun and moon rising and setting times, hours of maximum fish activity, weather conditions in Minas Basin ... I came across this web site and thought I would share this infromation with my readers

We want you to enjoy to the max a well-planned fishing expedition! Good luck!

Harper's Changes to E.I.?

How do you feel about the# changes that the Harper Goverment introduced to the E.I program.? They gave us very little warning about the significant changes.These changes will harm industries like farming,fishing,food processing,forestry and tourism.Seasonal workers are not lazy,we work hard,and we are not incompetent. I work seasonal digging clams,and I don't find any thing easy about my job!These changes are going to force Canadians to relocae or lose access to EI benefits.

Canadians work hard and they pay into EI,when the market is strong.When the market is'nt,EI is there for you.Thats supposed to be the deal.These changes are breaking that deal.And more changes to come called claw back.This is for peaple who find part time work while on a claim and is aimed at seasonal industries and seasonal workers.

I'm connected to other blogs and web sites to help with #personalizingmybloglife.One of the web sites I use is # www.miflter.com
This helps get  my post out to more peaple, and also gives us a broader audience to help with these issues.

We need to fight bask against the unfair changes.Please post comments on your thoughts about this matter.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

To Miss Ally

I wanted to share this video on my blog to remember all the fisherman who risks there  lives every day to make an honest living on the Atlantic Ocean.My father was a Lobster fisherman, Clarence Aurthur Stanton.He and his brothers fished off Digby neck.They used to row to their lobster pots every day.The risks that the fisherman take and the money that they get for there catch hardly seems worth it.The fisherman work hard for there money and the middle man makes all the profit.So the next time you see a fisherman on the side of the road,stop and buy from him,because he earned it and he should profit from his catch.