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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harper's Changes to E.I.?

How do you feel about the# changes that the Harper Goverment introduced to the E.I program.? They gave us very little warning about the significant changes.These changes will harm industries like farming,fishing,food processing,forestry and tourism.Seasonal workers are not lazy,we work hard,and we are not incompetent. I work seasonal digging clams,and I don't find any thing easy about my job!These changes are going to force Canadians to relocae or lose access to EI benefits.

Canadians work hard and they pay into EI,when the market is strong.When the market is'nt,EI is there for you.Thats supposed to be the deal.These changes are breaking that deal.And more changes to come called claw back.This is for peaple who find part time work while on a claim and is aimed at seasonal industries and seasonal workers.

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This helps get  my post out to more peaple, and also gives us a broader audience to help with these issues.

We need to fight bask against the unfair changes.Please post comments on your thoughts about this matter.

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